What we’re About

We’re an Aussie-american espresso bar and pie shop

that prides ourselves on serving the most ethically sourced, best roasted, masterfully crafted, expertly prepared products with a smile and some flair. We are a mishmashed crew of highly trained and skilled misfits providing world class customer service in a unique, atypical
coffeehouse environment.

Come and see what the buzz is about


Come enjoy an expertly prepared coffee or latte!


If you are homesick for a little Australia, come enjoy an Aussie Pie!


Come play in our store! We now sell our Kookaburra shirts, mugs and a variety of coffee and teas online!



"I would have had to defend myself in court on several occasions if not for the delicious caffeine provided by the fine folks at the Kookaburra"

Joshua Smith

"Kookaburra honestly got me through my junior year of college. Whenever I felt overwhelmed or had a paper to write, I walked a couple of blocks off campus and got an iced Aussie with a friend. Kookaburra is truly a way of life."

Alexa Rae Epitropoulos

"The Kook fuels Flagler College. I wouldn't have finished my last semester without y'all! An Aussie iced coffee was my constant library companion, and all of your caffeinated help led to a degree for me!"

Hannah Ferris

"There is nothing more comforting than a group of employees who genuinely want you to have the best coffee experience. And because everything The Kook uses is organic, not only am I positive it's made fresh, but it tastes fresh. The Kookaburra is a coffee shop that feels like home, and home is what everyone wants, isn't it?."

Danielle Jordan

"I love all the dairy free "milk" options at Kookabura! The baristas are so knowledgeable and helpful with allergy info. It's so refreshing getting coffee from someone who actually cares that you enjoy your drink! I'll pass on a Starbucks any day for a delicious dairy free latte from the Kook!"

Lauren Margolin

"The Kook staff is friendly, welcoming, and excited to see everyone who walks in. I feel almost like a queen when I stop by. The coffee only makes this atmosphere even better. With traditional flavors and never-before heard of mixes, each visit can be unique. AND drinking the coffee feels even better knowing that it's fair-trade. With multiple vegan options, the best brownies around, and great customer service, the Kook is a top-recommended coffee shop to my friends."

Courtney Clark

"An incredible variety of delicious, sustainable coffee and a staff that makes you feel like home. There's simply nothing better than the Kookaburra."

Heather Seidel

"Best meat pies we've had since leaving Australia! The coffee is heavenly and the staff is wonderful!"

Nancy Lynch

"The Kook makes me wish I was a local! It's my first stop (followed by a dozen more) whenever I'm in St. Augustine. Everything is delicious, yummy, and friendly!"

Ashley Corbitt Grover

"Kookaburra was a wonderful discovery on our vacation. We were treated liked locals and hated to leave at the end of the week! Our last stop before we hit the road was The Kookaburra!"

Marianne Corbin Liston

"It is about time St. Augustine had a coffee shop that serves quality, delicious coffee by outstanding baristas! My family is in love with the pies. My six year old has requested a giant meat pie for his birthday. I want a giant iced coffee on mine!"

Cassie Lorenz Oborne

"The Kookaburra is a little piece of home for us Aussies living here. The best pies, lamingtons and coffee around. Just like home."

Darlene N Dale Butcher

"Best coffee in St. Augustine.... Scratch that, best coffee ever!"